Isuke Company History

about isuke

Isuke was founded in the late Edo period. The company has produced the natural material of lacquerware
-- such as purified lacquer and lacquerware -- for more than 180 years.
Nowadays we have gained wide popularity in the market, incorporating design and functions which match well in modern life.
We originally propose contemporary tableware that is made from our historic techniques and new design.
Since 2006, we have participated in overseas exhibitions (New York, Paris, Shanghai, etc.), and started online shopping from our web site.
In 2014 we established "isuke" as a new lacquer brand, with the cooperation and advice of domestic and overseas designers.

Biography of Toshiyuki Okino,
Japanese Lacquerware "Urushi" Producer

Toshiyuki Okino -Urushi producer-

Toshiyuki Okino was born in Kobe in 1967, and had very little contact with Japanese traditional handicrafts while growing up.
He majored in mathematics science at Kyoto University, and after graduation worked in the steel industry as a consultant for in-house information systems.
His first real exposure to lacquerware came after his marriage in 1995: his wife's father was the sixth-generation president of Isuke. He was fascinated by the beauty of lacquerware and the exquisite technique, and decided to join the company in 1998.
Now he is the seventh-generation president of Isuke, working to ensure that lacquerware fit in with the modern lifestyle.
In particular, in order to pass down traditional lacquer technique to the next generation, Mr. Okino has created new lacquerware products in collaboration with designers.
As an Urushi producer, he is inspired to spread Japanese lacquerware to the world.